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TRINET –  Tourism Research Information Network

What is TRINET?

TRINET is an email distribution list that connects members of the international tourism research and education community. Its purpose is to promote an open exchange of ideas, information, and opinions that are relevant to tourism scholarship, including theory, research, education, policy development, and operational matters.

Postings are primarily of an intellectual and scholarly nature. TRINET does not accept postings that are purely commercial. Announcements which promote communication, research, education and scholarship, such as conference announcements, new books, announcements of academic positions, and the availability of funding and scholarship awards fit the spirit and mission of TRINET.

Become a TRINET Subscriber

To join TRINET, submit a bioisketch of less than 250 words that includes the following:

Full name
Position and affiliation
Phone number
FAX number
Email address
Research interests
Research publications (a list of your major works)

The above information is required to ensure that all subscribers to TRINET are active in tourism. Your information is kept on file for other subscribers of TRINET to access.

We look forward to receiving your information and welcoming you to TRINET!

Founded in 1988 by

Image of Pauline Sheldon

Pauline J Sheldon

University of Hawaiʻi

Image of Jafar Jafari

Jafar Jafari

University of Wisconsin-Stout

International Advisory Board

image of Freya Higgins-Desbiolles University of South Australia Australia

Freya Higgins-Desbiolles
University of South Australia

image of Bob McKercher Hong Kong Polytechnic, Hong Kong

Bob McKercher
Hong Kong Polytechnic
Hong Kong

image of Jim Macbeth Murdoch University Australia

Jim Macbeth
Murdoch University

image of Melanie Smith BKF University of Applied Sciences Budapest

Melanie Smith
BKF University of Applied Sciences


TRINET is a closed email distribution list. Each potential subscriber is required to send a request for admission to the administrator. Subscribe now!

Once accepted, subscribers can post messages. Email addresses and personal information of TRINETTERS will not be passed on to anyone outside of the list.

No, the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and the School of Travel Industry Management provide the resources necessary to maintain the TRINET list.

As of early January, 2018, there are more than 2,900 subscribers spanning more than 60 countries on TRINET. Though the majority of subscribers are in academia, active researchers in the government and private sectors are also represented.

Students at the doctoral level (PhD or professional doctorate) are encouraged to join. Due to capacity constraints, undergraduate and Master’s level students are not permitted to join at this time.

Please provide a short descriptive title or subject line to messages so that members can easily understand the nature of the post and delete those that are of no interest to them. The first paragraph should also help readers to filter messages of no interest to them.

The size of attachments should be kept to a minimum, as some subscribers have limited bandwidth and download capacity. Even better, provide links and URLs.

Valid messages  include, but are not limited to:

  • Commentary and discussion on issues and topics relevant to tourism scholarship, including theory, research, and education
  • Requests for information and/or assistance on tourism research topics.  But, please avoid using TRINET as the first point of call for requests for information. Also, avoid “Tell me everything you know” types of requests. Be specific and selective.  In other words, you should do some ‘homework’ before asking for assistance or guidance.
  • Announcements of conferences and events
  • Announcements of new books, journal issues, and other publications relevant to academic communities.
  • Tables of Contents of tourism journals, or related journals that publish tourism research
  • Significant developments in institutions of higher learning, including universities, and announcements of position vacancies and availability of bursaries.

As a subscriber, you have a responsibility to other TRINETTERs to respond thoughtfully, ethically, and on-topic.  Personal comments, especially those that are derogatory, are not appropriate. If you feel compelled to make a comment of a personal nature, please reply directly to the person and not via the entire TRINET list. We also ask you to:

  • Avoid posting replies to the entire TRINET community when a response to the original posting subscriber is more appropriate
  • If you are going to be away and unable to check your email, Listserv recommends that subscribers who want to use auto-response messages should temporarily suspend their list (TRINET) subscription. Handling of Out-of-office or vacation messages differ depending on the mail client or mail transport agent so you may not have the ability to control who gets or doesn’t get the auto-response message.

TRINET is a free thinking and acting society that encourages lively debate. However, with the rights of subscription, comes an equal responsibility not to abuse the system or its subscribers.

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