17th Asia Pacific Forum (APF) for Graduate Students Research in Tourism

Photo of Hawaii Convention Center courtesy of WATG Honolulu

Hawai‘i Convention Center photo courtesy of WATG Honolulu

May 16-18, 2018 | Hawaiʻi Convention Center | Honolulu, Hawaiʻi


The 17th Asia Pacific Forum (APF) for Graduate Students Research in Tourism will be held at the  Hawaiʻi Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi on May 16-18, 2018, co-hosted by the School of Travel Industry Management at the University of Hawaiʻi and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel and Tourism Management. The forum will provide an interactive platform for postgraduate students and academics in the tourism field as well as industry leaders and professionals in Asia Pacific to share their latest research, to analyze industry trends and build meaningful connections.



The Asia Pacific Forum for Graduate Students Research in Tourism was founded in 2002 with recognition that a research sharing forum was needed in Asia and Pacific for future leaders of academia and industry in Asia and Pacific. This region has a rapid rise of numbers of universities offering postgraduate programs with some aspects of knowledge creation and research scholarship in tourism field. The APF has been successfully held in 16 different cities around the world. Hundreds of academic and industry leaders in hospitality and tourism have participated in keynote sessions and thousands of postgraduate students from universities and institutes have proposed or presented their research at the APT.



Who should attend?

  • Postgraduate students in tourism, hospitality, leisure and related fields
  • Postgraduate students in multi disciplined fields who are active in tourism research
  • Academics teaching and supervising postgraduate students
  • Undergraduate students interested in pursuing postgraduate studies
  • Administrators of academic programs in hospitality, tourism, and transportation
  • Researchers, academics, and consultants with research interests in tourism
  • Industry and governmental professionals with an interest in tourism research
  • Academics and students interested in postgraduate research and scholarship in tourism field


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