Program Objectives

The Tourism Destination Marketing and Promotion focus area provides an overview of destination marketing with a framework to develop a marketing strategy that will help participants build and learn how to create and sustain customer and stakeholder value in their organizations.The learning objectives of this track are to:


  • Understand current and anticipate future consumer markets and buying behaviors
  • Capture created value for the marketing organization
  • Structure leadership roles in a fully integrated strategic marketing plan
  • Gain insight on the growth and purpose of sales promotion


The Innovation in Tourism Product Development and Management focus area provides an in depth interdisciplinary overview of core, facilitating, and supporting products that satisfy the wants and needs of the consumer. The learning objectives of this track are to:


  • Understand the product lifecycles and sustainable development
  • Study current destination product trends and niche products
  • Consider new product development and market testing options
  • Understand the process of developing, designing and introducing a new product brand
  • Understand how various forms of management and use-risk management practices offer a more sustainable product


The International Tourism Policy focus area recognizes the interdependence of policy issues and the need to work collaboratively towards the development of integrated policy initiatives. The learning objectives of this track are to:


  • Understand the benefits of policy coordination
  • Learn how tourism policies emerge from within organizations
  • Understand the potential gains of integrated policy development
  • Draw on the creativity and expertise of departmental inputs
  • Jointly develop policy with stakeholder and community input