At the TIM School, we are committed to help prepare you for your future and we strive to provide you with opportunities that will not only challenge you in the classroom but through your internships as well.


The goal of our internship program is to give you the hands-on, front-line, and management experience that will allow you to use what you learn in the classroom in the "laboratory of the real world". A step-by-step guide for completing the internship requirements are listed below.


Internship Flyer

TIM 100

All TIM majors are required to first enroll in TIM 100 which meets, in a classroom setting, twice a week. This class provides you with the tools that will help you to select and obtain an internship (resume and cover letter writing, interview attire, interviewing skills, business etiquette, etc) and ultimately, a career opportunity that is right for you. Through individual research projects, group discussions, and guest speakers, you will learn about the various segments of the travel industry, specific company operations, and the array of duties and responsibilities that comes with management positions.

TIM 200

The focus of this course is a written report describing the student’s 400-hour work experience, discussing your personal internship goals, and comparing the theories learned in class with what you experienced in the field. The internship provider offers guidance through a midpoint and final evaluation. Your paper will continue to hone your professional and business writing skills.

TIM 300 or TIM 400

At this level of internship, you are now ready to work at a higher level position; one with more responsibility. The options to complete this internship level are: TIM 300, the regular advance internship; TIM 400, the Executive Internship; or the Community Service Internship.


Students who select TIM 300 are required to complete 400 hours of work experience in a position that is more responsible in nature than that of your first internship. This position can be in the same organization as that of the first or in another organization. The course involves writing a report that describes your work experience, compares theories learned in class and practiced in the field, discusses employer evaluations and the ability to meet your internship goals, and forwards recommendations on improve a problem area. This comprehensive report should display a high level of professional business writing.


TIM 400 is open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students with a cumulative grade point ratio of 3.0 and above. This Executive Internship Program is approved based on the internship opportunity, your academic record, past work experience, and leadership potential. Students in TIM 400 will work closely with a general manager or other executive director. This internship provides you with the opportunity to observe the executive in action and gain a deeper insight into management operations in the travel industry.

Forms for TIM 200 and TIM 300/400 Internship Courses

Each student* is REQUIRED to complete the Application for Internship Position Approval form and meet with the Internship & Career Placement Coordinator to discuss your internship opportunity. This must be done prior to accepting an internship position.


*International students: U.S. Federal regulations require international students to receive authorization PRIOR to participating in any internship. In order to fulfill TIM internship and degree requirements, international students must see both the TIM Internship and Career Development Director and UH International Student Services (ISS) Advisor to discuss obtaining legal work authorization. Failure to do so may violate international student status.


The Internship Learning Contract form will be completed by you and your supervisor and returned to the TIM Internship & Career Placement Coordinator. This document will outline the goals that you set with your supervisor – what you plan to achieve by the end of your 400 internship hours. You will also be required to report on the success of these goals in your final internship paper.

Evaluation Form(s)

Once you have completed 200 hours of work experience (half of the required hours), the TIM school will send your immediate supervisor a midpoint evaluation form. This evaluation form will be returned directly to the school. At the end of your 400 hours, you are required to have your immediate supervisor complete a second evaluation form. Both evaluations will be included and discussed in your TIM 200 and TIM 300/400 papers.


For available internship positions please check our TIM Internship Newsletter or contact our Internship & Career Placement Coordinator. Please note that you are not required to obtain an internship through our Internship Coordinator. However, your internship still needs to be approved by completing the Application for Internship Position Approval form.