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Celebrate a Legacy Honoree Dr. Edward M. Barnet

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Dr. Edward Barnet came to the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in 1964 as Associate Dean and Director of the Hotel Management and Tourism Program at the College of Business Administration.  But, he had a bigger vision – a vision that saw tourism as a discipline touching all areas of hospitality management.  Foreseeing the time when tourism would become the world’s largest economic and social activity, he expanded the thinking of the industry and the academic community.  No longer a “hotel school” Dr. Barnet set out to create the broader idea of travel industry management, bringing together all the diverse parts of a complex industry.  The new curriculum he developed taught the principles of restaurant, transportation and real estate management along with hotel management.  His vision didn’t end with the expansion of the curriculum.  To truly establish the idea of travel industry management, he felt the need to create a separate school within the university.

With the support of the Hawaiʻi travel and tourism industry and the University of Hawaiʻi, Dr. Barnet made his vision a reality with the establishment of the School of Travel Industry Management in 1967.   Now recognized as one of the top travel schools in the world, the School of Travel Industry Management continues to honor Dr. Barnet’s memory with programs that are as dynamic as the industry it serves.  The school has grown far beyond its modest beginnings in 1967.  TIM alumni fill important management posts literally around the world.  That growth – and the school’s stature in the world – is a testament to the enduring vision of its founder.

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