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Mark Dunkerly, , President and Chief Executive Officer, Hawaiian Airlines

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Mark Dunkerley, president and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines, is being honored by the TIM School with the Legacy in Tourism award for his leadership in guiding Hawaiian’s resurgence to becoming one of the world’s best airlines. As the “pioneering carrier of the Pacific,” Hawaiian Airlines has been fulfilling the air transportation needs of Hawaii’s people continuously since 1929. Hawaiian has a rich and storied history, but its greatest period of success and operating performance has come since Mr. Dunkerley joined the airline in 2003.

Mr. Dunkerley immediately began putting his stamp on empowering employees, implementing plans to improve Hawaiian’s quality of service, operating the airline more efficiently, and plotting a course for future growth Internationally.

During his tenure, Hawaiian has become the industry’sleading airline for operational performance, delivered thehighest levels of customer service, and has been one ofthe most financially successful U.S. carriers.

Always planning ahead, Mr. Dunkerley has positioned Hawaiian to introduce a new fleet of long-range aircraft over the coming decade and expand its service to new markets in Asia, all of which benefits Hawaii’s visitor industry.

Aviation has been a lifelong passion of Mr. Dunkerley. He is a licensed commercial pilot and a veteran performer of aerobatic competitions, which includes being the U.S. Northeast Region Advanced Aerobatic Champion in 2002.

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