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TIM Faculty

TIM faculty members have gained a worldwide reputation in the field of travel industry management through their academic research, leading-edge consultancy activities and international teaching, and have authored numerous textbooks that are used worldwide by other hospitality programs and industry professionals. (Links go to bio pages)


TIM Staff

TIM staff professionals support the School, faculty, and programs and ensure its smooth operations.

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Thomas Bingham – Interim Dean
Tracy Ann Sonomura – Secretary to the Dean
Susan Kikuchi – Administrative Officer
Deborah Fitzgerald – Instructor/Director, Internship & Career Development
Cathryn Iwashita Raqueno – Director, Student Services
Carissa Gusman – Academic Advisor & Student Exchange Coordinator
Philip Sarmiento – TIM Peer Advisor (Freshman, Sophomore, & Potential TIM Students)
Theresa Koki – TIM Student Services Secretary
Alissa Hugel  – Sunset Reference Center Coordinator
Colleen Okada – IT Specialist

Professional Programs

Rachel Kaiama – Director