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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs will a degree in TIM prepare me for?

Most of our students are recruited into management-track positions in hotel, restaurant, transportation, tourism, and other service industries. Recent graduates have been hired by companies such as Hilton International, Westin, Four Seasons, Sheraton, Marriott, Hawai`i Visitors and Convention Bureau, and many others.

What is the TIM School like?

We’re a close-knit family of about 380 students from all over the world, with 30 faculty and staff. We offer a challenging curriculum taught by respected faculty and each student receives extensive academic and career counseling. TIM has excellent facilities, including a computer classroom, computer lab and a comprehensive tourism library. With eight student clubs and frequent networking events, there’s always something fun and exciting happening!

Is financial aid available?

All TIM students are eligible to apply for scholarships that the TIM School awards each year. Financial assistance is also provided by the University of Hawai`i Financial Aid Services office.

What are the requirements to get accepted to the TIM School?

Admission requirements for first-year students and transfer students are the same as the admission requirements to the University of Hawai`i.

What kinds of courses will I take as a TIM major?

The TIM program gives you a solid foundation in business knowledge and skills in the areas of management, marketing, information technology, finance, law, and human resources. Based on your interests and career goals, you choose to focus on hospitality management or tourism/transportation management.

What is the internship program all about?

TIM internships enable students to gain first-hand knowledge of the industry, develop work and leadership skills, and in many cases start a great career. Internships are available in many different companies in Hawai`i and in several overseas locations. We work with you individually to make sure that your internship fit your needs and goals.

How will TIM help me with my career goals?

We have a full-time career advisor who helps you with career planning and job placement. In addition, TIM’s alumni organization includes many of the top executives in the tourism industry who participate in school events that help our students meet and network with people in the industry. Finally, you’ll have the benefit of TIM’s excellent reputation among employers both locally and internationally.

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