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Student Profile: Jeany Hyunh

Jeany Hyunh

Name: Jeany Huynh
Home Country: Vietnam
Emphasis: Hospitality Management
Graduation Year: 2020


Why did you choose to attend the School of Travel Industry Management?

The TIM School is really unique in the sense that it provides a holistic approach to the travel industry as whole, and allows students to select an emphasis on their preferred path in either Hospitality or Tourism Management.  With the current economy we are having, there will be more travel opportunities in the future and thus, the travel industry will remain strong.

What do you enjoy most about the school and why?

I really enjoy the company of my peers and the vast knowledge that the professors and lecturers at the TIM School impart on the students.

What are three words you would use to describe the TIM School?

Fun, Well-Rounded and Valuable

What has your favorite class or professor been so far and can you explain why?

My favorite classes are TIM 301 and 302, as I love technology, as well as reading about different cases and lawsuits. Thus, my favorite instructors are Mr. Wesley Fong and Mr. Paul Lawler. They are both very dedicated instructors and always want their students to do well in class and in their future.

What TIM activities/student organizations are you involved in?

I am currently a member of Eta Sigma Delta (ESD).

What internships have you done? What was your role?

I interned at Hill+Knowlton Strategies Asia, one of a leading Public Relations firm in Asia. I was in the Technology Communications and Crisis Communications Department. Due to the fast-paced environment of a PR firm, I learned a lot of new things and I was entrusted with the responsibilities of a full-fledged PR Executive. I liked having a highly productive (and many times stressful) life.

One thing students at the TIM School should utilize and/or take advantage of is . . .

Events organized by the TIM School to allow students to network with various industry leaders and professionals.

What advice can you give to students who are considering attending the School of Travel Industry Management?

Studying smarter and mastering time management will allow you to enjoy school, at the same time always be on your “business best” because you would never know when an opportunity comes your way.

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