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Raychel Sylvestre

Raychel Silvestre
Hometown: Mililani, Oʻahu, HI
Emphasis: Hospitality Management
Graduation Year: 2019

What do you enjoy most about the school and why?

I think the best thing about the school is the people in it. I believe the people make the place and this school is filled with the most diverse group of people. I cannot wait to see or even work with them in the industry someday.

What are three words (or more) you would use to describe the TIM School?

Best School… Ever

What has your favorite class or professor been so far?

My favorite class in the TIM School would be Human Resource Management with Dr. Shulga. I really like the subject and O-day was very different but fun.

What TIM activities/student organizations are you involved in?

I am currently a member in Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI), Travel Industry Management Student Association (TIMSA), and  Club Managers Association of America (CMAA). These clubs opened many different opportunities for me. My experiences in these clubs motivates me to join every semester of my college life. I highly recommend everyone to get involved in TIM clubs.

Do you have any advice you give to students who are considering attending the School of Travel Industry Management?

Definitely get involved with all the school has to offer. The small opportunities you take now will open you to much more opportunities in the future.

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