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Hawai‘i International Resort Management Institute

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TIM has long recognized the need for a summer institute that would serve the special continuing education and training interests of hotel and resort industry personnel located in Hawaiʻi and abroad. Through Beatrice W. Parrents’ endowment, the Hawai‘i International Hotel Institute (HIHI) became a reality in the summer of 1986. Now known as the Hawai‘i International Resort Management Institute, we continue to offer programs that concentrate on the major functional elements of hospitality management and operations.

Our courses are open to all professionals interested in enhancing the depth and scope of their knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry. Although prior formal education in the field is not required, a prerequisite for enrollment is one or more years of experience in hotel, resort, and/or food and beverage operations. This policy permits instructors to engage in more advanced discussions and promotes the major objective of the institute, which is to assist currently employed personnel in strengthening their background and increasing their opportunity for upward career mobility.

We provide you with quality short-term training for personnel in the international hospitality industry. The institute offers professional development courses in the areas of food and beverage, hotel and resort operations, human resources and general hospitality management.

Over the years, participants have represented hundreds of different organizations from Hawai‘i and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information about our programs contact Rachel Soma.

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