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Awards and Scholarships

Outstanding Student Awards

These awards are given out every year, along with a monetary reward, (awardees are recognized at our annual Na Kukui Netlinks networking event) to students who have achieved outstanding academic and service performance in the following categories:

  • Senior in travel industry management
  • Senior in hospitality management
  • Senior in tourism/transportation management
  • Junior in travel industry management
  • TIM International Award of Excellence
  • Dean’s Scholar Award
  • Dean’s Spirit of TIM Award
  • Graduate student in travel industry management

TIM STAR Scholarships

Scholarship information for current and new TIM students can be found on the STAR scholarship website (link opens in a new tab). The TIM School awards over $200k worth of scholarships to TIM students every year.

TIM Industry Sponsored Scholarships

In addition to the STAR scholarships, TIM students may also apply for industry sponsored scholarships through a scholarship application process separate from STAR.  Currently, there are two scholarships sponsored by the following organizations:

  • American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation
  • Skal International Hawaii

Application information is announced to current TIM students via our student listserve.

Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Scholarships

New students who have participated in a Hawaii Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT) program in high school can also apply for the AOHT scholarship.  Students should complete the application (PDF opens in a new tab) and submit to the TIM School Student Services Office by the published application deadline.

UH Manoa Scholarships & Financial Aid

Additional UH Manoa scholarships and financial aid opportunities for students can be found on the Financial Aid Services website (link opens in a new tab) including:

  • New Warrior
  • Scholarships
  • Presidential Scholarship (UH System transfer students only)
  • Manoa Academic Merit Scholarship (automatic, freshmen only)
  • International Merit Award Scholarship (automatic, international students only)
  • Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) tuition reduction
  • Manoa Opportunity Grant
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