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Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

To earn the bachelor of science degree, students must complete the following General Education Requirements:

Fulfill the UH Mānoa General Education Foundation Requirements: (12 credits)

  • One course in Written Communication FW (3 credits): ENG 100, 100A, 190 or ELI 100.
  • One course in Symbolic Reasoning FS (3 credits): BUS 250, NREM 203, MATH 203, 215, or 241.
  • Two courses in Global and Multi-Cultural Perspectives FG (6 credits): TIM 102 for FGB (3 cr) and one course designated FGA or FGC (3 cr)

Fulfill the UH Mānoa General Education Diversification Requirements: (16-19 credits)

  • Two Arts/Humanities/Literature courses (6 credits):
  • TIM requires COMG 151 or 251 for DA (3 cr)
  • Any course designated Literature DL or Humanities DH (3 credits) recommend ENG 270-273
  • Three Natural Sciences courses (7 credits):
  • Any course designated Biological science DB (3 credits) recommend FSHN 185
  • Any course designated Physical science DP (3 credits) recommend CHEM 151/151L for hospitality track.
  • Any course designated Lab DY (1 credit) recommend FSHN 181/181L for hospitality track
  • Two Social Science courses (3-6 credits):
  • TIM requires ECON 130 for DS (3 credits)
  • Any course designated DS other than ECON (3 credits) recommend TIM 321, 324, BUS 310 or SOCS 225

Fulfill the UH Mānoa General Education Language (HSL) Requirements: (12-16 credit). TIM requires that students achieve second-year proficiency. See the TIM advisor for information on waivers or earning up to 16 back credits.

Fulfill the UH Mānoa General Education Focus Requirements. Most of the eight focus requirements may be met through TIM required courses, e.g. ETH – TIM 301 or 321; OC – TIM 306; and five WI – recommended DL course, TIM 321, 425, 431, and summer session TIM 200 or 300. Non-system transfers should refer to the UH Mānoa Catalog for pro-rated focus requirements.

Complete the TIM lower division special requirements (13 credits): TIM 101, ACC 201, ACC 202, and ICS 101B or 101.

Complete the internship program, (TIM 100, 200, and 300 or 400B or 400C), including 800 hours with at lest one internship in the student’s area of emphasis and one in the U.S.

Complete the TIm upper division core courses: (12 credits)

  • Statistics (BUS 310, ECON 321, NREM 310, or SOCS 225).
  • With grades of C- or higher: TIM 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, and 306. Statistics and TIM 302 must be completed during the first semester the student is eligible.

Complete one of the TIM areas of emphasis with grades of a C- or higher for each course:

  • Hospitality Emphasis (21 credits): TIM 313, 314, 333, 431, 401 or 403, one hospitality elective, and one Tourism/Transportation course.
  • Tourism/Transportation Emphasis (21 credits): TIm 35; one of TIM 321, 324, 420, or 425; 431; three (3) Tourism/Transportation electives; and one hospitality course.

Earn a minimum of 120 credits hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Complete at least 45 credits of upper division (UD) coursework numbered 300 or higher.

Complete at least 36 UD credits in TIM.

4-Year Academic Plan for Hospitality Management (Sample)

4-Year Academic Plan for Tourism/Transportation Management (Sample)

TIM Bachelor of Science Degree Program Sheet

For more information, please refer to the TIM Degree Requirements Guide and the UH Mānoa Catalog course descriptions.

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