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Master of Science in Travel Industry Management

The Master of Science degree program in travel industry management is designed to provide a specialized education through coursework and research to master a broad and sophisticated set of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge. Students develop analytical abilities and the critical thinking skills necessary for careers in the travel and tourism industry. The master’s degree is a broader preparation for graduates to take the first step into leadership roles. Given the program’s focus, students are expected to engage in understanding and execution of rigorous research activities which could also lead to further advanced education.

The program prepares students for advanced careers and leadership roles across the spectrum of the travel industry including tourism, hospitality and transportation management as well as areas integrating the entire industry including information technology, finance, marketing, policy and planning. Students may also explore specific topics of interest including sustainable tourism, eco-tourism, electronic commerce, social and cultural aspects of travel and tourism, among many others. The program and faculty also have a strong emphasis and expertise in travel and tourism in the Asia-pacific region. Students come from many countries with strong representation from Asia as well as North America and Hawaiʻi.

Graduate Degree Requirements

Candidates for the MS/TIM degree are required to satisfactorily complete 36 credit hours of graduate coursework. Each candidate may select either Plan A (thesis option) or Plan B (non-thesis option). Plan A provides an opportunity to develop a significant contribution to the growing body of travel industry research. This provides the opportunity for students to explore research in their individual area of interest.  Candidates selecting Plan B complete TIM 694 Professional paper and an additional 12 elective credits.

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