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BS in Travel Industry Management – Admissions Requirements 

Incoming (new) students – freshmen, international, & transfer:

Incoming students can begin their journey as a TIM major from the second they start their studies at UH Manoa. Incoming students must:

  • Meet UH Manoa admissions requirements (for freshmen, international & transfer)
  • Submit an application to UH Manoa and indicate “Travel Industry Management” as your program of study by the required deadline(s)

… and that’s it! Please reach out to the UH Manoa Admissions office if you have any questions regarding University admissions.

Current UH Manoa students (major change/ declaration of major):

For current UH Manoa students who want to change their major to TIM, please complete the major change/ declaration of major application HERE. Please note the following additional TIM major change criteria:

  1. 2.0 cumulative UHM GPA & good academic standing
  2. Resume (PDF)
  3. One-page (12 pt, double-spaced, PDF) personal statement answering the question: Why do you want to major in TIM and how will the TIM major align with your long term goals?

Major change applications are accepted year round, but we encourage you to meet the following priority deadlines to prevent TIM class registration issues

Spring – November 1

Fall – March 1

Multiple/concurrent major seeking students:

Current TIM major students who are interested in pursuing multiple majors and/or degrees (e.g., TIM & Hawaiian Studies; TIM & Economics; etc) should refer to the document below.

TIM major – Multiple Major Procedure

For non-TIM major students who would like to pursue a multiple major with TIM, please refer to the document below.

Non-TIM major – Multiple Major with TIM Procedure

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