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1. Knowledge and Global Perspectives
Identify and demonstrate skills relevant to the operational areas of hospitality and tourism management.

2. Effective Communication
a. Demonstrate effective written communication skills
b. Demonstrate effective oral communication skills

3. Critical Thinking
a. Analyze situations and develop alternative options to resolve identified issues.
b. Synthesize appropriate information to develop reliable, valid, and logical arguments.

4. Leadership and Teamwork
a. Demonstrate effective leadership skills or traits of a leader.
b. Work productively, respectfully, and professionally as a team member.

5. Ethics and Stewardship
a. Apply ethical behavior.
b. Evaluate the importance of host cultures to the global travel industry and utilize sustainable practices.

Curriculum track specific learning outcomes: Knowledge and Global Perspectives

For Tourism/Transportation Track
Ta) Describe and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the major modes of transportation.
Tb) Explain transportation operations and management, as well as related global environmental, technological, regulatory, and risk management issues faced by transportation professionals.
Tc) Describe the elements of the tourism system and explain their interrelationships.
Identify and define sustainability issues for the tourism system and explain how they can be addressed.

For Hospitality Track
Ha) Analyze external and internal environmental factors that affect hospitality organizations.
Hb) Identify, explain, and apply management concepts, principles, and processes in operational areas of hospitality organizations.

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